"An easy-to-use automated front-end setup."


The Flight Indicators Plugin allows you to display high quality flight indicators using html, css3, jQuery and SVG images. The methods make customization and real time implementation really easy. Further, since all the images are vector svg you can resize the indicators to your application without any quality loss !

Brunch | ultra-fast HTML5 build tool

compiles your scripts, templates, styleslints themwraps the scripts and templates in common.js / AMD modules.concatenates scripts and stylesgenerates source maps for concatenated filescopies assets and static filesshrinks the output by minifying code and optimizing imageswatches your files for changesnotifies you about errors via console and system notifications


ki is a functional programming language that expands into JavaScript through a very thin layer of sweet.js macros. It is designed to complement JavaScript, enriching it with functional programming idioms and immutable data structures. ki can be used to write entire applications, individual components (e.g. state management) or just functional one-liners.

"A Lightweight Disk based JSON Database with a MongoDB like API for Node."

Building a responsive SVG map


Visualising data is fun. Visualising election results in real time - especially so. For the 2014 local and european elections, we wanted to build rich visual components that tell the election results in an easy to understand way. One of those visual components is a fully responsive map, built with SVG. We learned a lot building it so wanted to share with you some information about how we did it.

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"Taunus aims to simplify the state of MVC and shared rendering. Taunus will handle routing, and allow you to lay out controllers and view templates independently for each view. Each route will query the server, for a model, before rendering its view template."

"The world’s easiest way to create high-quality APIs"