Esteban Saiz

Jun 15

Supervisor: A Process Control System — Supervisor 3.1a1-dev documentation -

Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.
It shares some of the same goals of programs like launchd, daemontools, and runit. Unlike some of these programs, it is not meant to be run as a substitute for init as “process id 1”. Instead it is meant to be used to control processes related to a project or a customer, and is meant to start like any other program at boot time.

“A lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable, responsive sites” —

Jeet Grid System | Smart CSS preprocessor grids -

We still build things the way machines read them - not the way we intuit them. Jeet allows you to express your page grid the same way a human would describe it. No more needlessly nesting elements. No more rigid twelve column rules. Enjoy building faster with less code, and more flexibility with Jeet. - is the only JavaScript framework that includes an open source 3D layout engine fully integrated with a 3D physics animation engine that can render to DOM, Canvas, or WebGL. | The simple basis of any good tumblr theme. -

The tumblr boilerplate is the simple basis of any good tumblr theme.
Avoid slow setup times by developing your custom theme fast.

Responsive Grid System | Cute Grids -

Cute grids was made from the frustration of today’s world full of large overbuilt frameworks that can be overkill for most projects and restrict the creativity of the designer with too many inbuilt design features that can make even the most creative person lazy. With too many underused features and over bloated code in many frameworks the idea of cute grids is to clean out all the dirty stuff and leave you with a clean base to let you get on with designing your responsive site the way you like. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a minimum grid system. It has been built with most features that are seen fit to make your grid work the way you need it to. By the way this is just clean css. No sass, No Less. But who knows maybe a sass version added in the future. Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions.

Boba.js / space150 -

Boba.js is a small, easily extensible JavaScript library that makes working with Google Analytics easier. It supports the old ga.js library as well as the new analytics.js library. It has one out of the box function, trackLinks, and makes tracking everything else child’s play. Requires jQuery.

Jun 13

Steady.js -

A jank-free module to do logic on the onscroll event without performance regressions in @media-query like conditions.

“A jQuery plugin for adding simple scrolling effects to web pages” — ScrollMe - For simple scrolling effects

Jun 12

Synth -

The back-end web framework designed to make (Angular|Ember|Backbone)JS web apps easy to create and manage.

Springy - A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript. -

Springy is a force directed graph layout algorithm. So what does this “force directed” stuff mean anyway? Excellent question! It means that springy uses some real world physics to try and figure out how to show a network graph in a way that looks good.

Jun 11

“Cha allows tasks to be connected together into a chain that makes better readability and easier to maintain.” — chajs/cha

Jun 10

OnionSkin -

is a multi-layer cache manager library that works with Node.js and vanilla javascript

Jun 08

“flare.js, a <1KB unobtrusive event emitter API for Google Universal Analytics. With flare you can easily bind event JSON to a data-* attribute, or use flare.emit() to fire flares directly. Flare automatically calls ga(‘send’) and constructs other properties (and arguments order) so you don’t communicate with ga() directly. IE8 .” — toddmotto/flare

Mailin - Receive inbound emails in your web app with node.js -

A node.js smtp server that listens for emails, parses them and posts them as json to the url of your choice.